Auto Repair would become a passion for a young Raymond Hernandez.  His early beginnings being around two role models who were professional mechanics would mold a young boy into a skilled professional.

Raymond Hernandez grew up in Bridgeport Connecticut.  His father was an auto body specialist and his step dad Jorge gave him something very special that was the beginning of his passion to fix things that are broken.  In his mind, Jorge was the best mechanic anywhere around.

A Passion for Auto Repair

Raymond built his first engine at the age of eleven, and his passion for building engines and fixing cars grew into adulthood.  Over the years, he tinkered with boats, hover crafts, jet skis, motorcycles, and even plane engines.  His love for fixing things grew into a career.

Later Raymond would relocate to Florida and work for dealerships in Tampa.  He even opened a shop of his own in Land O Lakes, Florida.  For family reasons, he closed his shop in Land O Lakes and moved to New Port Richey to be closer to his son, Ray Jr.

“I found this shop on US 19, and I couldn’t pass on it.  This place called out to me… I knew it was the right time and place.  The rest is History in the making!”

Raymond Hernandez