One of the most important and critical assemblies on your vehicle is the braking system. It is crucial to keep up with your brake maintenance schedule for your safety and other’s on the road.
Without brakes and rotors properly maintained, everyone’s safety on the road is compromised.
Basic rotor and brake service is one most essential items, on your car’s maintenance schedule.

Here is a list of a few signs and symptoms that you should schedule a routine Rotor and Brake Service with Big Ray’s Auto Care:

Brake Pad Service

Your braking system is constantly wearing out, doing it’s job, and brake pads take the most beating.
There are some common signs to tell if you need to change your brake pads, usually once every 6 months.
Many brake pads will make a screeching noise, and have other signs like increasing your stopping distance, and decreasing your ability to stop.
It is important to get regular brake pad maintenance, because if the pads are damaged too much, your rotors can become damaged. Some pads do not have this and can wear down far enough to damage rotors.


Rotor Service

When rotors are heated by worn down brake pads, or general wear and tear, the rotors may begin to warp or bend. Bent rotors will give off a wobbling sensation while trying to stop by using the brakes.
The wobbling, can be felt because the surface of the rotors in uneven, and weathered, this causes the the brake pads to slide right past special spots on the rotor.
In newer cars, the rotors are a thinner metal, so rotor service is very important, to any routine auto maintenance schedule.
Let Big Ray’s Auto Care, resurface your rotors, as well as replace any rotors that may need to be serviced.


Unmaintained Brakes

Going without brake service, your pads and dirty over time, and affect your overall stopping performance. Routine brake service should be scheduled every 6 months, for your safety. Maintenance prevents any accidents that could arise from having an unmaintained brake system. It is recommended to keep your rotors clean by using cleaners, from any auto parts store.


Choose Big Ray’s Auto Care, For Rotor and Brake Service!

Nobody is more qualified than Big Ray’s Auto Care, when it comes to rotor and brake service for your vehicle. When it comes to brake and rotor maintenance, or complete rotor and brake repair, Big Ray’s Auto Care in New Port Richey has you covered.

Call Big Ray’s Auto Care today to schedule a routine brake maintenance, or even full brake repair service. Or just stop in our main location, located at 5541 US-19, New Port Richey, FL 34652. We are open between the hours of 9:00AM–6:00PM Monday—Friday, or on Saturday at between: 9:00AM–3:00PM.


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