December 2018 Specials

december 2018 specials
Happy Holidays 

Oil Change and Lube SpecialIncludes Top all fluids, Grease Front End, Tire Rotation if needed and a FREE Brake Inspection.  $29.99!

Brake Pad Special$89.99 on most cars. 

Transmission Service$259.99 and it Includes Filter, Gaskets, and Fluid. 

Don’t wait until something breaks completely.  Get in to see me today!  The best way to save money is to catch possible problems before they become expensive repairs.  

This Month I am offering a simple brake job for less than $100.  Changing the pads before they wear into your rotors will save you money!  Brake rotors can be damaged by metal on metal wear.  you can also damage calipers this way as well.  excessive damage to this system will cost well over that small price to prevent it.

Transmission Service is something most people don’t think about.  You should have your transmission serviced every 30,000 – 60,000 miles.  Some manufacturers recommend it every 15,000 miles.  If you have never had this done, you need this!  I can assure you will spend more rebuilding or replacing a transmission.